These are the numbers for the first cipher. The letter was sent from St. Louis and said that Beale was on his way west to hunt buffalo and search for grizzlies. Someone would bring the code to him in 1832, if required. B. that it would be beneficial if he signed cipher B1. The Key to the Beale Ciphers has been found. Since the numbers ran so high, he figured the code key must be document based. Members Only; Contact. “The Beale Ciphers were three codes which would enable one to locate the treasure and distribute it to the rightful heirs in the event that the group didn’t survive. or 750 and 760, or 760 and 770, or 770 and 780. } "T," while word 760 (shifted by +10) was now the word "beyond" with initial letter "B." December 15, 2014 by adminjohn. In March of 1820, Beale and the others journeyed back to their mine. SORRY YOU HAVE REACHED RESTRICTED CONTENT Search. the letter strings in B1? Members Only; 1885 Book Review. 2 uses a (variant printing of) the United States Declaration of Independence as the key text. Most likely, the For the full story, check the Museum's Beale Cryptograms Page . -->, A A B B C C C C D D As the scouts were ready to depart, two of the group came back with a story that excited the others. The letters also stated that the numbers were codes. Yesterday, I discussed whether the Beale Codes are real or a giant hoax. with numbers 60 and 760. Beale and the company had discussed where they could leave the details of their treasure so that any member of the party could retrieve their share at some future date. numbered words 680 and 690, or 690 and 700, or 700 and 710, or 710 and 720, or 720 and 730, or 730 and 740, or 740 and 750, In the autumn of 1821, Beale made another large deposit into the groups hiding place. Beale expected to be gone for two years. They set out on May 19. Categories. He stayed through the winter. He wouldn't have known that a simple clerical error of accidentally omitting a line of 10 letters in the original key would .table_d2e53 { Then Beale created three ciphers now known as the Beale Codes.Only one of the Beale Codes – the second one – has ever been decoded. The letters were dated in January of 1822. Beale Cipher Decoded. Morriss waited not the 10 years but 23 years before opening the box. numbered beyond word 480 would be different from the letters in the original key. The story begins in 1817. when Beale Cipher No. Some of the men were getting bored waiting for spring to come and went out on their own in March. They set out on May 19. Did Beale go to these lengths? Last Friday, I posted the first story in a short series about the mysterious Beale Treasure. Other strong support for the Declaration to be the key for the remaining two elusive ciphers is an extreme anomaly found when it is applied to Beale Cipher 1. Beale was about to send scouts to search for them 4 weeks later when they had not yet returned. constructing the original key to B2. The first deposit consisted of ten hundred and fourteen pounds of gold and thirty eight hundred and twelve pounds of silver deposited November 1819. He tried for years, in vain, to decipher the numbers.