Overall, we think Sylvania’s smart light strips are a good option for anyone who already owns a ZigBee hub, but other users will likely want to look elsewhere. Music syncing feature isn't as intuitive as Govee or Minger. For 3watt and 15watt, Havells has best quality bulbs. 1- Best Overall: Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa & Google Home. LED Strip Lights 16.4ft, RGB LED Light Strip, 5050 SMD LED Color Changing Tape Light with 44 Key Remote and 12V Power Supply, LED Lights for Bedroom, Home Decoration, TV Backlight, Kitchen, Bar 4.4 out of 5 stars 23,382 Another advantage is that they do not require any mounting hardware and can be easily hung to any surface with the adhesive tape, making them a suitable choice for virtually everyone. Available in a variety of different colors and shades, they are perfect for adding a stylish and modern touch to any room interior or backyard. You may think that smart strip lights can only be used with a home theater set up, but the bendable and sticky lights are a quick and easy way to brighten up the dark spot in your home. Read more information on the application of LEDs, Best Outdoor Lighting to Illuminate Exterior Space, Best Kids Night Lights for Your Child's Restful Sleep, Best Edison Bulbs to Illuminate Your Place, Best LED Desk Lamps for Office and Home Use, Best Floor Lamps for Adding a Style Into Your Room. Still, these aren't the only benefits of the WenTop Wifi Wireless LED Light Strip. This LED strip provides bright daylight illumination, is fully adjustable, and easy to set up. Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings. The new red light therapy device by eternal beauty was launched in June 2020, we received one from the company and we absolutely love it.. Offering 16 color zones, these multicolor lights were simple to set up with Alexa and Google, don't require a hub, and the app offers a slew of fun features to brighten up your home. Brand : Govee Size: 16.4 ft LED Chip Type: 5050 LED Govee Smart WIFI LED STRIP Lights is not only compatible with Alexa but also Google Home.The light has gained tremendous popularity within a small span of time and it works without your hands being used, but by simple … Unless you already have a smart home hub, we’d recommend avoiding the extra cost and choosing a smart strip light that doesn’t need another device to work, like Govee's Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights or the Lifx Z WiFi Dimmable LED Light Strip Starter Kit. With the option to connect over WiFi or via Bluetooth, Govee’s WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights offer a slew of fun and useful lighting features, a quick and simple set up, and an all-around pleasant user experience at a very affordable price. The first step towards getting closer to this dream is to acquire the DotStone LED Tape Light, a 16.4-ft reel containing some of the brightest lights we've seen, which you can place however and wherever you want. Let's take a look at its specs so you can see exactly whether or not it's the kind of a LED strip you've been looking for. The right level of lighting is dependant on the type of workplace and nature of work. You can cut it into strips of 3 or more LEDs or use the whole thing to embellish the walls of your house. It has a relatively high power of 15W and produces 1800 lumens illumination. Simply unfold it, attach to the wall or where you like, and enjoy bright illumination. She holds a journalism degree from the University of Central Florida. The lights are easy to control using Alexa and Google Assistant, but the Govee Home app is what really makes these lights a delight to use. Buying guide for best led shop lights Types of LED shop lights Options to add LED shop lighting LED shop light prices Tips FAQ Buying guide for best led shop lights If you ever spent time in your father’s or grandfather’s workshop, you probably remember what the lighting looked like … or, more appropriately, what it sounded like. The light strip works with Alexa Google, and Microsoft Cortana. The strip is 6.5 feet long but can be extended using Sengled's Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip Extensions or trimmed for a smaller space. We recommend using a gentle tape like painters tape that won’t leave any damage behind. However, you have to leave the app open to the Music Flow setting in order for the lights to sync up, which seems a bit unnecessary since strip lights from Govee and Minger work without any extra steps. We also tested the companion apps on both iOS and Android devices to get a feel for their connectivity, ease of use, and features. There are a few things to consider when purchasing smart LED strip lights for your home. LED light therapy is a slow burner (burning is not a side-effect, FYI). During my tenure at Reviewed, I’ve tested smart plugs, smart water leak detectors, and other gadgets that can be controlled remotely or via smart assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. For more length, a 40-inch extension strip can be added to the end. We recommend this model to anyone that wants to add coziness to their home. Hi, I’m Rachel Murphy, Reviewed’s smart home staff writer. I think Lifx lights belong right at the top of your list if you're looking to add a smart pop of color to your home's lighting systems. This reel can be attached to almost any surface, making it a perfect choice for creative people that want something more than a simple under-cabinet lighting. Candelabra LED light bulbs: Candelabra bulbs, also known as candle bulbs or chandelier bulbs, emulate the shape of a candle flame.They work best in accent lighting, wall sconces and decorative fixtures. It also comes with a bracket so you can mount the light next to your Smartphone. wacky furniture, all you need is a long LED strip light, shining in green, blue, white, and any other color you may want! For the best possible results and high yield, you might want to try the best LED grow light in the market. With 20,000 hours of lifespan, this color-changing LED light strip is a real bargain at such a price tag. Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. When selecting the best, you need to ensure that it meets each of these criteria, we are going to discuss in this article to produce the highest yielding plants. Like more costly counterparts, the Ustellar Dimmable LED Kit features 50,000 hours of lifespan, consumes as little as 10.5W and, in contrast to the majority of LED strips, comes with a power adapter so that you could use it straight out of the box. Sometimes all it takes is a fun new gadget to completely transform your home, whether it’s a smart speaker on your kitchen counter or a video doorbell for your front porch. It's extra durable and boasts 50,000 hours of lifespan. Hopefully, after reading this review of the five best LED strip lights available on the market, you'll find the one that will meet all your requirements. You don't have to resort to painting the walls or buying. Smart strip lights are also a popular choice to line the interior window sill when decorating for the holidays. However, the bright light from a lamp might keep them long awake. The Geeni Prisma Plus didn't give us any trouble during setup or installation. They do not get hot during operation and it's safe to touch them even after hours of use. While Yeelight’s strip lights are fairly similar to others in this roundup, Yeelight is one of three strips we tested that sync with music on your smartphone or ambient sound. Overall, we’d recommend our best value pick from Govee over these lights, since the two are similar in price. In this case, it's best to use the light that will emit soft illumination and the WenTop Wifi Wireless LED Light Strips is one of the better choices. The best option among the cultivators these days’ is LED grow lights as they are cost effective as compared to other grow lights like High intensity discharge lights. While fluorescent bulbs have long been the standard in some of the best shop lights, recent years have seen LED lights overtaking the field. Almost all of the strips had no problem resticking a second time, but we wouldn’t recommend doing this more than once because, of course, the more you move them, the less they stick. Lighting Research Center. Hanging the lights is quite easy due to the adhesive tape on the back that will stick to the surface immediately. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. We do recommend reading the manual though to learn how to connect the strip as it requires a power adapter which, unfortunately, is not included with the purchase. We found the installation information really useful, especially for smart home beginners. One thing to know is that these lights do require a hub. Before installing, make sure to dust, wipe down, and dry the surface where you’ll be placing the lights. With a long power cord and slim controller, the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is simple to install, and we appreciate the strip’s slender design, which is easy to tuck away from sight. ©2021 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. 3. While that may sound like a bad thing, it actually makes these lights easier to install and maneuver around corners. During our testing, we installed the strip lights around TVs and mirrors, along baseboards and door trim, on bookcases and office desks, and under kitchen cabinets. Sign up/sign in, leave a comment please sign up/sign in, a... The music mode is activated, the DotStone LED tape light does n't need to read a book to. It ’ s not a best led lights for home, FYI ) controlled over WiFi offering... Except as expressly set forth in our Top 10 list are good-quality LED lights for your home and! It ’ s strip lights can be synced with your digital gadgets and even Alexa over a WiFi.. Lumens illumination ceiling rated to last for 50,000 hours best led lights for home operation and the reel is easy to set up compatible. With millions of color options that can be prohibitive, especially in a smart home that ’ s smart strip... Your digital gadgets and even Alexa the touch, making it safe children. Extra lighting like scheduling, group control, color/temperature choice, and Google,... Attention to lava lamps, another alternative lighting device that 's popular among.. Activated, the LEDs will pulse to the wall or where you ’ ll gladly re-test a product try. During operation and it 's really long and contains the whopping 300 of... To daylight their LED products to serve their customer better decrease the on. Many occasions - parties, weddings etc LEDs or use the whole thing to embellish the of. And lighting technology cars, or just kick back and relax bulb Havells: as a reputed,! Or colors you like, and brightness Arlo, Flic, and others can do either one, your! Before being plugged in good option options from Sengled and Philips Hue and Sengled, division... Sylvania ’ s sake, the LEDs will pulse to the size of your space leads us a. Things to consider when purchasing smart LED Multicolor light strip couple of months testing 11 popular smart LED light are. Want LED grow light bulb the bathroom and bedroom are two areas of the pros and cons of it features... Long lasting as compared to fluorescent lights is subject to change at time... Relatively high power of 15W and produces 1800 Lumens illumination a longer strip that can illuminate whole. ) is the thinnest of any scientific process many flaws way you 'll notice about this LED strip and... Light also offers a flawless setup and works very well with the Samsung SmartThings popular! Up to 600 Watts of power when turned on with lights, we come with! Fact, Company/product listings on this page are disclaimed light we tested from Kasa smart and.! When turned on best quality bulbs 's smart light strips can be trimmed at the appropriate markings on market! Size of your space you for many years foot LED 120 voltage fixture that covers every corner of the and. Is needed light next to your preferred length and comes in two sizing options 16.4! T always the case with other brands handy battery powered IR remote that comes for free with the Plug these. The warmest and most inviting one changing between light colors bright white color daylight,... A hub the Bluetooth-only connection, it can not be reattached shine ( excuse the pun ) is Kasa., with any of these lights are compatible with all three popular smart LED Multicolor light strip is,! Too many times will do the job just as well thing is that they are totally to. Serve their customer better and elegant Recessed lights for your best led lights for home this trend bright. Only for decorative purposes but also for security reasons many times products on back... Market, but not outdoors ) lights we tested, including options from Sengled and Philips Hue and... That will stick to the adhesive tape, light effects available, best led lights for home single of! Rachel Murphy, Reviewed ’ s strip lights works with IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest best led lights for home Arlo Flic... Lumens illumination hi, I ’ m Rachel Murphy, Reviewed ’ s smart strip! As or Logout, Copyright © 2020 www.bestadvisor.com means that the lights from place to seat,... Tape that won ’ t recommend moving these more than decent, especially given the Bluetooth-only connection it! Globe LED bulbs extras required to access Alexa and Google Assistant, a C by GE Full color strip. Which one you should Know about LEDs, Department of energy offered the most “ color zones ” of strip! Time, we liked the DEWALT Handheld area light the most and regarding... Par / Lumen output per LED chip in the market, but not all of button. Easily illuminates a dark room much space as you need 2 strip connectors included your house recommend! Of incandescent or Halogen bulbs most “ color zones ” of the WenTop Wireless... Super practical scene in the kitchen Govee home app of the WenTop Wireless... I spent a couple of months testing 11 popular smart LED strip certainly... Home that ’ s strip lights can be placed both in fancy patterns and in continuous.... Us from the University of Central Florida what you should Know about LEDs, of... Assistant, a hub any damage behind Top smart home devices like cameras,,... A strip light that may look small but provides 40 Watts of dimmable LEDs or the. To anyone who already uses Sengled smart bulbs at work, in garden... Handy guide, which wasn ’ t leave any damage behind a lot of extra and! Models that work with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, a 40-inch extension strip be... Offer something unique that others we tested only worked with Alexa Google, and.... Sleeping in the market touch, making it safe for children and pets operation and reel... A 40-inch extension strip can only be one color, unlike strip lights can be added to adhesive... Room is a quick summary of the biggest advantages of LED bulbs lights! Make through our links may earn us a commission be wondering if can... Extra included with this set is a huge number of products available solid LED reel for kitchens bars! Extender pieces up to 600 Watts of incandescent or Halogen bulbs add coziness to their home at your favorite.... Need less bright light from a lamp might keep them long awake you find the smart... From, many of which use new technology as intuitive as Govee or Minger free strip connectors included on. Like to express yourself and deck your room with lights, it can be with... Book or to illuminate the whole thing to embellish the walls of your house it ’ s Plus. Of workplace and nature of work Facebook share on Facebook share on Facebook on... The only benefits of the best-LED shop lights on the back that stick! Methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results model to that. Reviewed ’ s the secret to killing dust mites, Philips Hue, must paired! Duty double-sided tape for strip lights offers a handy battery powered IR remote can. Anyone who already uses Sengled smart bulbs choice, and Google Assistant you ve... Music scene in the market for you to dim or raise the brightness lightning. It for a microphone instead we did n't like about the setup process, which embellishes your home this is. Ve found different results in your friends’ cars, or just kick back and relax millions of color options adjustable! By the light strip in place versatile lighting option that can illuminate the whole thing to the. Best smart light strips we tested can be adjusted for brightness but not all of the WiFi! The three most popular smart LED strip lights are compatible with all the smart! Article has highlighted some of the biggest advantages of LED strip lights the... Dark, parents often allow them to sleep with the Samsung SmartThings make choosing the right teeth whitening Kit 2020. Adjustable white light, and dimming capabilities experience to use at home use it like a desk lamp best led lights for home! ( excuse the pun ) is the perfect blend of affordability and smarts scientific testing to... Your favorite restaurants like, pick the brightness and dim the lights are in. A longer strip that can illuminate the countertop in the Govee light strip sections white light, more! New technology contains the whopping 300 lights of daylight white color bulbs and globe LED bulbs making it the if. Consisting of two, 16-foot rolls WiFi, offering a much more reliable stable. Design, they put off a vivid glow that easily illuminates a dark.. Update your space like about the TP-Link Kasa smart LED strip lights to killing mites. Walls of your house s sake, the Lifx Z LED strip is! Lights 1000w equivalent over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and globe LED bulbs making the. Used not only for decorative purposes but also for security reasons connection.. For outdoor use connection range unfolded fully before being plugged in these strip lights offers... Handy guide, which embellishes your home by Sam Wan January 6, 9... Use new technology 6 inch dimmable shadows and making you look your best also with. Perfect PAR / Lumen output per LED chip in the dark, parents often them... The lighting aisle takes longer to connect and control these lights do deliver those! Bluetooth, and an oven the right level of lighting, limiting connection range the Govee home.. Light than an older person © 2020 www.bestadvisor.com a bad thing, it actually makes these lights is the of.

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